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UHMW Polyethylene Filament Yarn

(1600D high-strength yarn with tenacity 32cN/dtex for ropes)

  • Model number: 1600D
  • Production type: UMHWPE yarn
  • Feature: Light weight, anti-UV, anti-impact, high strength, radiation
  • Tenacity: High density polyethylene, more than 36g/D (>32cN/dtex)
  • Melting point: 135-145°C
  • Yarn type: Filament  (option twisted before delivery)
  • Air splices: 0 to 3 air splice per roll
  • Main application: High strength ropes, mooring line, pulling ropes, commercial fishing nets, etc
  • Color in white or by order (never fading)


  • The ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber has higher cutting resistance factor and higher glove production rate.
  • Gloves made of this fiber compared with aramid fiber and steel wire yarn are lighter, thinner, more tactile, comfortable to wear, and wear well, protecting front-line workers even under harsh working conditions.
  • Good cutting resistance, wear resistance, softness and comfort; Gentle and convenient, cutting and abrasion resistance can bring more extraordinary flexible fingertip experience.

Typical Technical Properties

  • 1) After 1500 Sunshine hours, its remaining strength is more than 80%.
  • 2) After 6 months in most chemicals (seawater, gas, etc.), its remaining strength is 100%.
  • 3) The UHMWPE ropes remaining strength is 100% after 1000 times loaded relative test.
  • 4) Melting Point is around 135-145, Highly resistant to abrasion, cutting, tearing
  • 5) Its relative times until break of Abrasion proof are more than 110 to 103.
  • 6) Its relative times until break of Winding proof are more than 110 to 103.
  • 7) Its strength of annulation is 12 up to 18g/d. its 10 up to 15g/d for collusion.
  • 8) Color is bright white and poor for dyeing.

Packaging & Delivery

  • Package Type: around 4KG per roll, 6 rolls per carton
  • Production capacity: 300 Metric Ton per Month